Election 2016: Incumbent Sheriff Michael Hunt challenged by Henry “Hank” Sims

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – Henry “Hank” Sims is challenging incumbent Sheriff Michael Hunt for the top cop position in the upcoming election.


In 2003, during a special election Michael Hunt was voted in as Sheriff of Aiken County. Hunt, running for reelection to serve another 4 years, says since taking office he’s made some significant strides for Aiken.

“We’ve taken an aggressive stand on our illegal sell of narcotics in Aiken County,” Hunt told WJBF NewsChannel 6. “The sell of narcotics and use of narcotics drives your crime rate.”

The county’s 18th Sheriff says he’s a big advocate of community policing and maintaining strong ties with citizens. Right now, Hunt says he’s working to get deputies body cameras. A big part of his vision to continue keeping the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office at the front end of law enforcement technology.

“We very quickly tripled the amount of deputies a shift. Which gave some of our outlying areas some coverage that they didn’t have,” said Hunt.

Hunt is opposed by long-time law enforcement officer Henry ‘Hank’ Sims.

Sims is the current Assistant Chief and Major of the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department and is running as “the right man for the right time.”


He says he’s going to focus on restoring the trust between the community and deputies, by putting deputies back into neighborhoods.

“My thing is getting embedded into the community,” Sims told WJBF NewsChannel 6, “where we can interact with the citizens in our community and also our children.”

For 6 years, Sims served with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office and has been a law enforcement officer for more than 3 decades.

He says in his experience building back that trust is going to take holding people accountability, but its a challenge he’s ready to take on.

“My plan is to serve all people with honor, respect, and integrity,” said Sims.

Incumbent Michael Hunt is the Republican candidate and Henry ‘Hank’ Sims is the Democratic candidate.

To vote absentee you must fill out an application at your local Board of Elections by Friday, November 4th.

You can vote in person at the Board of Elections until Monday, November 7th.

Mail-in absentee ballots must be in by Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th.

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