Rick Allen talks small business growth in Augusta

As Georgia voters head down the stretch to election day, incumbent Republican to Congress, Rick Allen, is hoping touching base with small business owners.  Allen, who represents the 13th district of Georgia, spoke in Augusta with small business owners and the Job Creators Network in Augusta.  He spoke about ways to strengthen the business community in the CSRA, as well as obstacles that small companies face.

Allen himself is a small business owner and says, he understand their importance as well as the struggles being an entrepreneur faces.  “We’ve got a lot of entrepreneurship sitting on the shelf.  There’s so many restraints, regulatory requirements—we need tax reform—there’s so many things that need to be done to get small businesses going again and that’s what I’m here to promote,” Allen told NewsChannel 6.

Allen adds, he’s optimistic about small business growth in the future.  He says if re-elected he wants to focus on the options available to small business owners, suc as lowering taxes, providing access to credit and eliminating regulations that prevent job growth.

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