University Hospital to expand Emergency Department

University Hospital photo
University Hospital photo

Augusta, GA– Georgia’s Department of Community Health gives the okay to University Hospital to expand its Emergency Department.  The Certificate of Need  will allow the hospital to undergo a $30 million expansion and renovation project so it can keep up with the increasing number of patients served.

Currently, the hospital’s Emergency Department is outfitted to serve around 50,000 patients a year.  Year-end projections for 2016, however, will see around 85,000 patients served inside University’s emergency department.

The 3 year expansion project will outfit the emergency department with 78 treatment spaces.  The “pod-like” design will allow for nurses stations to be surrounded by 12 all-inclusive patient rooms which will allow for increased work-flow opportunities for nurses and doctors.

The Emergency Department expansion will include other features which are listed below:

  • An isolation room with anteroom
  • Designated medication area
  • Two bariatric rooms
  • One Sexual Assault Nursing Examination room
  • Psychiatric area
  • Two seclusion rooms
  • A designated decontamination shower area
  • EMS room with its own equipment room
  • Larger ED lobby with more, smaller conversation groups and highlighted with expansive windows
  • Café/Vending areas with space for five vending machines, tables and chairs
  • Device charging stations in lobby area
  • Formal security post
  • Triage area set up to perform Rapid Treatment and Assessments

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