General Obligation Bond could advance Columbia County years ahead of schedule


COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA. – If you live in Columbia County and are heading to the polls, you’ll be voting “Yes” or “No” for the General Obligation Bond.

It a long list of projects aimed at making Columbia County a better place to live work and play.

“it is things our department heads have come up with that they would like to see in the county and it came out of the Vision 2035 study over the next 20 years,” said Columbia County Chairman Ron Cross.

Many of those projects focus on the quality of life for residents.

“Greenway projects have gotten a lot of attention. We’re looking at a library for Grovetown, as we did for Harlem and more parks. The rest of the money for the Performing Arts Center,” said Cross.

There would also be funding for transportation improvements.

“It’s just something we looked at and said we don’t have the money to do these. Do we need them? Yes, we need them very bad. And we are taking them to the voters to see if they will finance them,” said Cross.

If it passes, that means a property tax increase for homeowners which would average about $40 per $1,000 home. Cross says a, “Yes”, to the bond referendum could push Columbia County years ahead of schedule.

“It would advance our quality of life by 15-20 years. Before we would have the money to do these kind of projects it could be 15 to 20 years beyond now,” said Cross.

Cross says that’s because with a bond issue, there’s no priority list.

County workers could start projects as the plans are complete.

“I really am anxious to see because I think it would be so great if the county could add these ammenities now rather than one or two as we go down the road. That’s what is so exciting about it,” said Cross.

If this bond passes, it would allow the county to immediately purchase a new ladder truck for Columbia County Fire Rescue and also allow for upgrades to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office training center.

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