North Carolina family living in tents after Matthew destroys home

GRIFTON, N.C. (WNCT) – Many across the eastern part of North Carolina continue to recover following Hurricane Matthew.

That includes 66-year-old Mary Talley and her family.


Talley had lived in her home for 16 years until Matthew hit October 8.

“I’m only 66 years old and I’m proud of it,” she said.

Not much is left of their Grifton home.

“When the FEMA woman came out here, she looked and said definitely I had to throw everything out.”

Now she lives in a tent.

Talley’s sister in law, Mollie Reese, said it makes you want to cry.

“We’ve been in tents for the last three days, four days,” explained Talley.

Talley cares for her 79-year-old sister-in-law and nephew.

“Wherever I go, my family is going to go with me, cause I will protect them no matter what,” Talley said.

Everyone has their own specific health problems that make the living situation difficult.

“It’s very hard on my health because I’m crippled,” said Reese.

Talley hopes she gets what she was promised from FEMA. But said she hasn’t heard much from them.

“They said you’ll be expecting a letter and we’re going to help you as much as we can. That’s all,” she said.

When Louisiana volunteer Toni Farbe saw the situation, it was all too familiar.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Farbe. “Sleeping in a tent you have no electricity you have no heat, that’s tough.”

So she jumped in to help.

“Today we’re going to get them some blankets and air mattresses,” Farbe said.

Talley said she’s grateful for all the help and will rely on her faith to get them through.

“The good Lord up above is looking out for me and my family,” explained Talley. “And I know he is not going to let nothing happen to them.”

Talley said they applied for FEMA in mid-October and still have not heard back about how they could help.

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