Challenger says ethics complaint against Sheriff Roundtree will continue after election

Sheriff Richard Roundtree

AUGUSTA,Ga   (WJBF) Richmond County Sheriff’s race is one seeing some fire works.
Former Deputy Brian Duffie is challenging incumbent Sheriff Richard Roundtree…
The race has seen Duffie  file an ethics complaint against Roundtree for his using of on the clock deputies for  a campaign video.
Duffie says that complaint will go forward after the election. ” Sheriff Roundtree did receive a notice as well since the ethics commission received that within 30 days of an election ethics laws state they do not initiate any of the investigation until the day after the election that’s why nobody has heard anything about it it will pick up after the conclusion of  this election and it is something that if elected Sheriff or not that I’m still going to carry forward with this to the fullest extent of the law,” said Brian McDuffie, Republican candidate for Richmond County Sheriff.

McDuffie   is challenging Roundtree as a Republican and admits that makes  him the underdog in democratic leaning Richmond County.

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