Lee Anderson wins Georgia District 24 Senate seat


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. – Lee Anderson and Brenda Jordan  went head to head in the race for the Georgia District 24 Senate Seat.

Anderson won with close to 70 percent of the vote.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Campbell spoke with Anderson after his win.

Ashley: I’m here at the Exhibition Center in Grovetown and I think it’s safe to say that I’m standing next to the next Georgia District Senator Lee Anderson. How does it feel?

Anderson: It feels good. I’m just excited and I’m ready to start serving.

Ashley: That’s right, you talked about being a servant, not a politician.

Anderson: And I believe in communication and people can get in touch with me and any time they need to so we can make this a greater area to live.

Ashley: Now you made a speech and touched a lot of people. You said you have some big shoes to fill. Talk to me about that.

Anderson: Oh yeah, the Senator, Bill Jackson, he’s a legend. I mean the man has been here his whole life in Columbia County and he has helped grow this county in the position it’s in now and he has done a great job and I will still lean on him for wisdom, knowledge and advice. But, he’s a great, great guy…a great senator.

Ashley: Where do you see Columbia County and the rest of District 24 going in the future?

Anderson:  I believe we’re going to grow. Georgia is the number one state to do business in and I’m going to try my best to get a good, positive, clean businesses and create jobs.

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