How did Donald Trump become President-elect?

AU professor thinks rural America helped put Trump in office.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – We can all agree that the political experts got it wrong.  Nearly all of the polls have Hillary Clinton the advantage. But there is one guy at Augusta University who never really did believe in polls and he still does not believe in them.
He’s calling the Trump victory a political revolution.

Craig Albert told NewsChannel 6, the political outsider spoke to one group that turned out in large numbers to vote.

“Rural working class white Americans. This is the demographic that he pulled out in unprecedented numbers that every pollster got wrong.”

Albert said it was the voters who also kept Hillary Clinton from going to the highest office.  He said she only took around half of the millennial vote, failing to gain their trust.

Voters, he believes, wanted Trump in office for his business skills as many Americans placed a vote for the economy.

“When the struggling person that’s been struggling and not fully recovered since 2007-2008 hears a business man who’s going to run America like a business, whether or not it’s practical they hope that this comes true because they’re suffering and have been suffering for a long time,” he suspected.

While some networks claimed Georgia was too close to call for either candidate, Trump took 51 percent of that vote and Albert said he’s not shocked.

“You can’t really survey American emotion. You can’t survey the soul of America. Especially the soul of Georgia. We’ve been traditionally conservative for a while now,” he said.

And those who truly supported Trump may have not been detected by exit polls.

“If they said they were voting for Trump, regardless of why they were voting for Trump, they thought they would be labeled as sexist, misogynist, racist. So, they weren’t going to put themselves out like that and they were just going to avoid being polled, be surveyed or just lie about it,” Albert expressed.

What Georgians and the rest of Americans can expect during the first 100 days of a Trump presidency is a focus on foreign policy, changing how we fight ISIS, an alignment with Russia and immigration.

“He’s not going to build a wall. He’s going to build a symbolic wall. Look for enhanced border security,” he said adding Trump could zero in on Obama’s hallmark legislation also.

“He’s going to either repeal or completely amend Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act.”

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