“Out There…Somewhere”: For some voters election was all “write-in”

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – It’s their right to write-in and boy did Augusta voters does that more than 75 hundred times in the election

“Some fictional names statements of disapproval are on there,” said Elections Director Lynn Bailey.

Yes write-in voters ask questions like “Is there anyone else.”

And with these choices a lot wanted “No one.”

I’m not familiar with this candidate “no-ne’… oops that’s “none, that makes sense.

He’s a favorite write-in choice Mickey Mouse,but even the candidates know Mickey is a write-in legend.

“If they still believe in Mickey I can’t be mad losing a vote to Mickey Mouse,” said Sheriff Richard Roundtree, who won re-election

The Ducks get a lot of votes, both Donald and Daffy

Some write-in voters though would “Prefer not to.”

Write-in voters looked for something believe in like “Bigfoot”, “Unicorns,” “Chicken Sandwich, and Zombie Ronald Reagan.”

Former Mayor “Bob Young” got a vote and so did “Bozo.”

Nature Boy “Rick Flair’ found a supporter, but he has to tangle with “Macho Man Randy Savage.”

“Captain American” and “Captain Crunch” captured the military write-in vote.

ome write in voters found the whole thing “Goofy.”

And were looking for “Help.”

And a vote for “Jack Daniels” to drown their sorrows.

I’m not sure in 2016 why anybody is still voting for “Lou Diamond Phillips, but I want to thank all those  who wrote and voted for  “Me,” Out There somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel  6.

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