Broad Street redesign plans bring questions about parking

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The Jenks are downtown regulars and they’re very curious about the plans for Broad Street.

“I would be concerned if were  bringing more people in where are they going to park but if we bring more people in where are they going to congregate if the medium is going to change with more communal efforts that’s going to be great,” said Elisa Jenks.

Broad Street will be changing consultants have come up with two concept plans, both plans call for the elimination of those sunken Broad Street parking bays, and would add green space and other niceties   to the Broad street median, making Broad Street  more inviting and pedestrian friendly.

“We got one of the widest downtown and largest downtown it really gives it more of a plaza feel makes it walk-able I really like the first look at it,” said Downtown Development Executive Director Margaret Woodard.

The two plans for Broad Street differ and that is parking spots the first plan would add about fifty spaces downtown the second plan would decrease the number by more than 100.

“Personally I like the plan with less again I believe this plan was planned for pedestrians not cars there’s plenty of areas for cars,” said Woodard.“Especially on weekends and especially things like First Friday bringing more people in where are they going to park,” said Elisa Jenks.

“I think over all just increasing the walk-ability and the amenities to me are more important than fifty parking spaces,” said Nathan Jenks.

Back in August of 2015 commissioners  approved spending one point two million dollars for consultants to do these design concepts for the downtown street work, the idea was to make sure  all the work tied in together, now it will be up to commissioners to select which plans to go with.

T SPLOST dollars will cover the estimated 83 million dollar cost.

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