December 1 is a game changer for employees eligible for overtime pay

Workers can expect changes to their workflow and/or compensation starting Dec. 1.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Companies in the CSRA and across the United States have less than a month to figure out how to respond to the new overtime law.

It means more money for millions of workers.   Overtime pay must be given to people at a certain income level who work more than 40 hours a week.  For some, if it does not equal more pay it means you work fewer hours.

University of South Carolina Upstate Human Resources Director Dagmara Bruce told WSPA, “They’re going to be like, get to work.”

Your work flow could be changing in about two weeks or your salary.

The Fair Labor Standards Act goes in effect December 1 and it means both employees and employers must be in compliance.

If you make less than $47,476/year or $913/week, you must now become an hourly employee according to the Presidential mandate. It would mean that you would become overtime eligible after your weekly time card reaches 40 hours.

Bruce added, “It’s not going to be at your own pace, you can’t now work through lunch, it’s going to be much more stricter.”

For employers, it’ll be a budget change or a schedule change making sure overtime wages can be paid out or keeping workers at a 40 hour a week schedule.

We reached out to several large businesses and hospitals across the CSRA to see what the impact will be. Many are still working to implement the plans. Doctors Hospital tells us, they don’t foresee a problem with patient care because the staff is large enough to handle the change.

The changes to FLSA also mean salaries and compensation levels will be automatically updated every three years.

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