Aiken City Ordinance stopping food truck industry from wheeling into town

AIKEN CITY, S.C. (WJBF) – Aiken City leaders have a vision to create a vibrant downtown with endless economic opportunity.

Last week we told you of zip code surveys that were used to learn what’s lacking in the heart of the city.

Those results revealed there’s room for more dining, specifically meals on wheels.

The Downtown Advisory Team wasted no time in advising city council to consider revising an ordinance that’s preventing this trend from popping up.

Nearly 100,000 people will be moving into the City of Aiken by 2021. With a growing population, there’s going to be a need for more entertainment, shopping and of course food options.

Currently an ordinance is preventing the sale of food from any type of vehicle on city streets, making it tough for Aiken to attract meal-on-wheels entrepreneurs.

“Is that something you think that the city should consider changing?” Asked WJBF NewsChannel 6’s Stefany Bornman.

“Yes. I wasn’t aware of that by the way, but then I can’t think of why that would be,” said Aiken resident Terry Willows.

While city leaders get to work on plans to expand the variety of food options available downtown, an advisory team has made some suggestions to maintain a thrive community.

Those suggestions includes revising the ordinance, creating food truck festivals and even designating a truck stop.

“If there was a place that you think, would be a good place, to put food trucks, what are your suggestions?” Asked WJBF NewsChannel 6’s Stefany Bornman.

“Come on, you got the alley here.” Jeanne Connolley, a resident of Aiken, said.

Downtown Aiken prides itself on preserving its rich history, but citizens also aren’t opposed to progressive ideas and supporting start-up businesses.

“I would prefer that to, a complete outsider coming in and trying to take away the business from local shops.” Willows told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

“I think it’s a novel idea, it’s a cute idea and it seems to be sweeping the country and I think Aiken would be a good niche, downtown Aiken for that type of thing.” Tara Reeder, a resident of Aiken said.

Other suggestions presented to city council were the possibility of incentives to attract food trucks downtown.


Count on WJBF NewsChannel 6 to bring you the latest on this developing story. 

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