Columbia County Fire Rescue receives top rating; residents could see lower insurance costs


COLUMBIA COUNTY- Columbia County homeowners could have lower insurance when it comes to fire protection.

That’s because Columbia County Fire Rescue just received a number one rating from the Insurance Services Office, which is the best rating you can get.

Columbia County is now one of 15 counties in the state of Georgia to have a class one rating.

Chairman Ron Cross says this is huge for residents and the county as a whole.

“It will benefit the citizens and lower insurance costs. It also assures them, as well as this rating agency, that we have the very best fire protection that we can have along with the personnel in the fire department, the availability of water to fight these fires and the communications that they have between other groups to fully cover an emergency,” said Cross.

That rating is based on a one to ten scale with ten being the worst fire coverage.

The ISO rating goes into effect February 17th.

We’ll have more information regarding the ISO rating on NewsChannel 6 at 5 pm.


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