Golden Apple: Kelly Shealy

Kelly Shealy and her outstanding AP Calculus students.


Kelly Shealy says she caught the teaching bug the same way a lot of teachers do–from a teacher who inspired her.

“My high school Algebra II and senior math teacher Linda Griffin at  Mid-Carolina High School in Prosperity was awesome,” she says. “And she just instilled in me a love of Math.”

Now she’s helping these AP Calculus students love it too.

“Calculus to me is just the purest form of math. I’m not sure they would agree with me at times. I try to make it fun, because it is difficult. I give them a lot of neat, crazy, silly ways to remember things.”
Ms. Shealy has been here for 38 years. She toyed with the idea of retirement last year but just can’t walk away from her life here at Barnwell.
“I guess I’m crazy. I love it. There are days when I think, do I really want to get up at 5am? Because I do. I’m at school usually a little after 6.  But I thrive on it and at this point in my life I can’t imagine not having it.”
And she gives a ton of credit to her family. They continue to keep her motivated to keep teaching and keep changing lives.
“From an early age it was instilled in us, you always do your best,” Shealy says. “You may not win, but if you give it your best shot, you always are a winner.  I can’t say enough about my family and the support they always offered me. I thought as I got older, I would have the tendency to pull back a little bit. I don’t think so. I think it’s cranked up a notch.”

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