Hyde Park entering last relocation phase, Mayor would like to see more done with site

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  It looks like a total mess abandoned homes and over grown lots but the for city officials this is what success looks like in Hyde Park.

When it first started it would never happen and it finally did I’m glad it did it’s something people had to deal with in Hyde Park well the people are gone now we’re moving,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

The city has been moving residents out of Hyde Park into new homes, and with nearly all them gone the relocation effort is switching gears to get the last remaining parts of the neighborhood.

“We’re transitioning the relocation of the commercial the Churches as well as the business so Hyde Park is definitely coming to an end we’re very excited about 2017 and what it holds,” says Housing and Development Director Hawthorne Welcher.

What he city has to get done to keep that excitement up is to relocate four churches and one neighborhood bar.

The relocations here in  Hyde Park are being down to clear the way for a 40 acre storm water retention pond to ease flooding in South Augusta to ease Flooding in South Augusta but Hyde Park is more than 40 acres what’s going  be done with the rest of the property,

“We can do more than a pond let’s make that viable property let’s get it back on the tax rolls in a way that’s constructive to the overall fabric of our community,” says Mayor Hardie Davis.

The main purpose of the relocation has been for the storm pond but the mayor says it doesn’t hurt to look beyond that.

“Let’s bring a group of people together who are really smart people who know how to do these things make something happen for our city,” said Mayor Davis.


The next things that are going to happen will be to finish the relocations of the people, church and business, then the city can begin work tearing down the left behind homes, and building the storm pond.


City engineers say there are 6 million dollars in SPLOST 7 for Hyde Park, when the work kicks off will depend on when those funds are available.

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