Chef Vedam gives away some delicious recipes for Thanksgiving

Chef Vedam is joins us in the kitchen to give away some of his most delicious Thanksgiving recipes in this segment of The Dish.

More about Chef Vedam:

Vedam Clementi is a gluten free chef and the author of “Vedam’s Gluten Free & Fabulous! Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband.” After suffering for over two decades with digestive tract issues, Vedam was diagnosed with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, and had to learn to cook a new way, completely gluten free. Staying true to his southern heritage, Vedam knew that he would have to take his favorite down home comfort foods and convert his recipes to match his new dietary needs. As he began to share his recipes, he soon realized that many people were in the same boat as he and needed his help. He began to compile his recipes into one concise resource, and “Vedam’s Gluten Free & Fabulous!” became a reality. The cook book not only covers southern dishes but also includes gluten free basics, how to create your own flour blend, how to set up a gluten free kitchen and home, breakfasts, soups, side and main dishes, desserts and some of his and his husband’s favorite dishes and cuisines.

In addition to developing new gluten free recipes, his delicious dishes have been enjoyed by many through catering events and private affairs.

Vedam lives in the North Georgia Mountains with his husband Nirish and his elderly mother in law. Being the main cook in the house, Vedam was not going to cook two different meals a day, a traditional meal for his husband and mother in law and then a gluten free meal for himself. He knew that he would have to make his gluten free food not only be nutritious but also delicious; something that everyone would enjoy. Something interesting happened as he began to cook gluten free for his whole family; his mother in law’s allergies completely cleared and she was able to stop her allergy medications as well. Could that possibly be from going gluten free?

Vedam has already begun his second gluten free cook book which will focus on dishes that are more health conscious and vegetarian dishes. He will begin to tour promoting his cookbook this April with the Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Expo.

Vedam also has a website ( which is full of information regarding Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, gluten free recipes and a free monthly newsletter. Vedam can be reached at Vedam (at) ChefVedam (dot) com. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter at @ChefVedam.

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