“Out There…Somewhere”: Do you know “The Camellia City”

THOMSON, Ga (WJBF) – The town of Thomson Georgia, but Thomson can go by a nickname.

Long Time resident Jane Chalker  knows it.“The Camellia City,” she said correctly.

It’s good to have a nick name.

So, Thomson has a nickname isn’t that right.

“Yeah T-Town,” said Thomson resident Elizabeth Lowe.


“Right,” Elizabeth said.

Thomson, T- town I get it, but look around and there’s the Camellia Plaza and signs in town saying the Camellia City festival. So Thomson’s nickname?

‘“I can’t even remember,” said Jane Hale. “You drive by it all the time, “I do,” she said.

“Bulldog, I don’t know,” Joyce Dozier who lives in nearby Warrenton.

“I don’t know what it is really to be honest with you all I know it as Thomson, said Greg McGee, who comes to Thomson often from Norwood.

“Could it be The Camellia City does that sound familiar?”

“No never heard that no…. no,” he said.

“Where is the Camellia city?”

“I don’t know where the Camellia city is it,” said Lowe.

Thomson is the Camellia City but it’s won’t be easy to get everyone to embrace it.“Yeah you don’t change,” said McGee.

“Just try it just say Camellia City

“Camellia City,” said McGee.

All right you got it.”

“Yeah but the thing about it it’s quicker to say Thomson,” he countered.I want you to call it The Camellia City.”

“Camellia City,” said Marion Lowe.

“Okay you will you call it Camellia City?”
“From now on,” said Lowe.

That’s just beautiful Out There somewhere in the Camilla city George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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