Arthur Griffin is our latest Giving Your Best award winner

Arthur Griffin is our latest Giving Your Best winner

AUGUSTA, Ga.–    One very special North Augusta man is spending his golden years giving back to his community.

Arthur Griffin helped seniors have independence and access to the outside world by installing wheelchair ramps…  and has helped many families who need assistance maintain their quality of life by serving on Aiken Electric’s Helping Hand Board.

He has reached out to others in his community by hosting meals for 300 people at his home on the 4th of July — free of charge.   And that’s why Arthur Griffin is our Giving Your Best award winner.

“My father did serve in the Korean War from 1950-1953, so I guess throughout his entire life he’s been in some form or fashion of servitude.”

83-year old Arthur Griffin has dedicated his life to helping those less fortunate.

“For many years, I’ve seen my father selflessly go out to people’s homes and assess them, help people get medications that needed medications, even during times when my father needed work done on his home, he was busy helping others get their home fixed.”
“I mean he can take something small and turn it into something big. He has that gift about him.”

Mr. Griffin operated a non-profit organization, Christians in Unity, to assist senior citizens with desperately needed home repairs. Betty Myers served on the board.

“You know, when you go out to a senior that’s 80, 90 years old, they call you for one thing but you go there and see other things and what I like about this group, once we did the government grant, we had a little treasury set aside and if somebody came to us with a broken stove- only one eye working or something like that- we would go buy her a new stove.”

Over the years, Mr. Griffin has sponsored fundraisers to assist youth attending college.

“We would have a men’s cook-off. We’d do two things with it. We’d also buy people’s medications that couldn’t afford to get it. Every year we would do that.”

“He has given so much and I deeply appreciate that.”

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