Growth in Tobacco Road area creating traffic concerns

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The new Walmart Neighborhood Market means there’s more shopping opportunities for residents in the Tobacco road area, but it also means more traffic.

“It’s a lot worse since they opened a lot of the businesses here I think they need to put a traffic light there because eventually somebody is going to get seriously injured or killed there,” said Charles Davis.

There, is the spot where the driveways for the Walmart shopping center and BI-LO shopping center enter Tobacco Road.

Albert Price has worked in the area for more than 7 years he says cars get tangled there.

Well the traffic is kind of bad like you said trying to come out of the Walmart trying to make a left coming out of here it’s just a bad area right there you got all kinds of drivers,” said Price.

It’s a situation city engineers are looking at.

“The driveways don’t actually line up at a 90 degree that is an issue that we’re looking at we actually have our traffic engineers taking a look at that,” said Augusta Engineering Department Director Abie Ladson.

Drivers in the area have some ideas of what the city needs to look at,” said Price.

“I think some traffic lights would be good put some signal lights up.

But the city’s answer isn’t signal lights; it’s realignment of the driveways so the cars don’t crowd the left hand turn lane.

“They don’t conflict if they are lined up properly would that be a city expense if the city is actually taking a look at it because tobacco road is a city street,” said Ladson.

Ladson says the  city is looking at beginning the work to realign the driveways spring of next year there’s no cost estimate or funding source right now for the work but Ladson say T-SPLOST dollars are an option.

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