Proposal would name city building after former Commissioner Willie Mays

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta’s newest office building could be named for a long serving city leader.
Renovations at the old Library on Greene Street for the Public Defenders Office are finishing up and now city planners are suggesting a name for the building. An artistic rendering shows it would honor former Augusta City councilor, Commissioners, and interim Mayor William “Willie” Mays..
Commissioner Marion Williams served with Mays and is a big supporter but says he doesn’t understand why his name would go on a building for lawyers.

” I don’t think that building fits what he did I really don’t there are several buildings that could be named in his honor but the Public Defenders Building in my opinion only just don’t fit what he was doing he wasn’t an attorney wasn’t a lawyer he’s a public servant but I just don’t feel it matches,” said Commissioner Williams.

According to backup information going to commissioners the Augusta Central Services Department and the Administrator petition the planning commission to name the Public Defenders building for Mays.

Commissioners take up the issue Monday,

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