Thanksgiving at Augusta Rescue Mission brings gratefulness to those who give and receive


AUGUSTA, GA. – As Kevin Deloach is busy prepping for a big Thanksgiving meal at Augusta Rescue Mission, he says it’s a day filled with emotion.

“Grateful, thankful, there’s the spirit of serving and Christ said do this for the poor and for those less fortunate. I think on some level, I’m fulfilling that,” said Deloach.

Deloach is one of many men who will be serving up hot meals on Thanksgiving Day at the non-profit.

Executive Director Randy Marsh says there’s a lot on the menu.

“The turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, rolls, pies…did I tell you about the pies? We’re going to have pumpkin pies and sweet potato pies,” said Marsh.

Each empty seat will be filled and as each meal gets handed out, Deloach says he will feel a connection with the people who receive it.

“It’s gratifying, it is. It’s gratifying because we’re in a position where we’ve been helped ourselves and this is something we can be a part of so we can give back to the community.”

Deloach is reflecting on the past six months.

“Here at Augusta Rescue Mission, I’m given the opportunity to help rebuild my life through Christ and for that, I’m grateful.”

The non-profit helps get men off the streets and provides housing along with jobs.

Deloach won’t alone. Marsh says there will be plenty of familiar faces helping out in the kitchen.

“We have a lot of people who come through our program and they want to come back and help. We have a lot of people who come down and minister,” said Marsh.

Paying the help they’ve received forward to so many others, even if it’s just for one day.

“This is some of the best Thanksgiving that these men may have and we’re making a difference,” said Marsh.

If you’re in need of a hot meal this Thanksgiving, you can head to the Augusta Rescue Mission. The non-profit will be serving a Thanksgiving meal at noon, Thursday.

Augusta Rescue Mission is located at 526 Walker St, Augusta, GA 30901.

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