Fort Gordon celebrates Thanksgiving for thousands

Fort Gordon graphic
Fort Gordon graphic


FORT GORDON,Ga (WJBF) it was chow time, Thanksgiving style at Fort Gordon

“I’m being really fat today I think I’m getting way too much then I can actually eat but I’m going to enjoy it,” said Specialist Kulwant Kaur of Gainesville, Florida.

Fort Gordon preparing meals for about 7000

Many of these soldiers are right out of basic training away from home for the first time on this traditional family and friends holiday.

“It’s a little hard on me a little bit sad not being with my family but I think the army is the only place you can go and still get a thanksgiving and feel like you are at home,” said Private Michael Hezlep of Leesburg Florida.

“It’s kind of a little sad to be away from family but it’s also through basic and here at AIT the same people so they’ve pretty much become my family,” said Private James Williams of Knoxville Tennessee.

“These are your brothers and sisters this is your family now it doesn’t feel it doesn’t feel that bad,” said Kaur.

For sure there was plenty of good comfort food, and as is the Army tradition it was served up by the sergeants and officers in uniform.

“It was an honor an honor to see those young soldiers coming up taking over after me I admire them,” said First Sergeant Marc Flournoy.

and   you thought you were busy in the kitchen this thanks giving at Fort Gordon they went all out a lot of food enough to feed an army.

We got more than enough food what’s on the menu oh we got Turkey we got prime rib we got ham we got Cornish hens,” said Carol Dunn the long time Dining Facilities Manager 6 at Fort Gordon.

And don’t forget the shrimp cocktails.

Quite a feast for this Thanksgiving and the start of new holiday memories,

“These are the guys I went to basic with  we got the luck  of being put in the same company they’re in  my class I get to spend  lot of time with them so I’m really happy  h to have that,” said Private Hezlep.

t wasn’t home but it was still a happy Thanksgiving.

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