Tons of litter getting picked up under storm water program.

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Drivers in Augusta say they are seeing the difference on the roadside.

“They’re picking up they’re doing their job,” said Cox.

“Does it look better?”

“Yeah I think so,” he said.

It’s not like litter has gone away from city streets but drivers say they are seeing some improvements.

“I still see some litter but I do also see them cleaning I saw them yesterday or the day before put them in trash bags,” said Clara Churchwell.

And while litter continues to be a problem the city does have a weapon to take on all the waste the storm water program.

Along with maintaining ditches the program also is also paying crews to pick up trash along the roadside there’s a lot of work to do,

But engineers say through the first half of this more than 95 tons of trash was picked up that’s more than 190 thousand pounds.

‘Litter or material or waster material has to be taken to the landfill and it’s actually weighted that was early on in the year,” said Abie Ladson, the Engineering Department Director.

Ladson says since new contractors were hired in the last month or so the amount of litter being picked up has grown.

“That number has probably quadrupled more than probably quadrupled,” said Ladson.

And Ladson says the litter would not be getting pickup at this rate without the storm water program.

Without the program even the 190 thousand pounds wouldn’t have been picked up because we didn’t have the resources or the funding,” said Ladson.

Even with the tons of trash being picked up Ladson admits there’s still a lot of litter on the right of ways he says the city is considering a public education program in the New Year aimed at reducing littering.

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