Golden Apple: Meredith Wilson

Golden Apple winner Meredith Wilson

(Barnwell, SC)

Welcome to a busy day in Meredith Wilson’s kindergarten class at Barnwell Primary. They’re reviewing letters, sounds, and sight words.  They’re also changing, growing, and learning very quickly.

“It’s a world of difference and these kids already in the first 9 weeks have come so far,” Wilson says. “They’re learning routine and how to get along with each other, and they’ve learned so much academically as well.”

Ms. Wilson has always wanted to teach–especially when it comes to making such a positive impact on young children.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else. I just have always from the time I have young, have always wanted to teach. And this is where I’ve always felt comfortable.”

It may be a challenge, but Ms. Wilson knows how to keep the students’ attention so they can get the most out of the lesson plan.

“We don’t do anything for a very long amount of time. We’re moving a lot. We sing a lot. We color a lot. We play a lot. And we just learn to get along with each other.”

These children will never forget Meredith Wilson and she will never forget the many rewards they give her, every day.

“It’s just very rewarding,” she says. “To see where they start at the beginning of the year. To see what they learn, and how far they come. It’s just amazing.”

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