This goat with anxiety only calms down when she’s in her duck costume

(WCBD) – Before you laugh, admit it: If you were a goat suffering from anxiety, you might only feel comforted while wearing a colorful duck costume, too. OK?

You just never know.

For 6-month-old Polly, who is partially blind and has a host of neurological issues, that’s the case. And we’re very glad to know that she’s got a team at the New Jersey rescue center Goats of Anarchy that understands her unique … needs. They’ve found that putting her in the duck onesie immediately calms her — even in her most anxious, high-strung moments.

The rescue workers believe she feels comforted by the “hugging” quality of the garment, which surrounds and envelops her entire body. Makes sense, really.

“There are times when she can’t find me and panics,” Leanne Lauricella, founder of Goats of Anarchy, said. “I used to soothe her with a blanket until I found the duck costume. I bought it for a cute Halloween costume, and quickly realized the calming effect it has on her.”

In fact, Polly not only calms down when she’s wearing the costume; she often falls asleep.

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