Segment 2 New Posture Perfect app result of text neck epidemic

JENNIE Show Episode 17

AUGUSTA, Ga. —  Do you find yourself stretching your neck a lot?  It’s no wonder that many of us are experiencing neck and shoulder pain.

All of our technology can literally be a pain in the neck!  All day, everyday,  people are looking down at i-pads, laptops, and video games….  which could be causing an epidemic of neck pain–   what some doctors are calling  “text neck.”

Over time, text neck can lead to early spine degeneration… even surgery.

That’s what led a team at Augusta University to come up with a way to beat tech neck –with– technology, through the development of a new app, Posture Perfect.

Jeff Mastromonico is the Director of Instructional Design & Development at the Summerville campus. and  Jason Hughes is an assistant professor of occupational therapy at the medical campus downtown.

You can find the Posture Perfect App on iTunes and watch a demonstration on the jag Uware Youtube channel.



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