Slippery slope: Bystanders capture massive, slow-motion pileup as it happens

Montreal, Canada - December 5, 2016

MONTREAL, Canada (WJBF) – A light snow caused a crazy pileup involving two buses, cars, a police cruiser and even a snow plow! It was all caught on camera by bystanders and reported by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and featured on ABC News.

It all starts when a city bus slides slowly down the hill into cars parked at a traffic light and things go downhill from there, pun intended. A utility truck suffers the same fate sliding into the back of the bus before being rear-ended by a second bus. Then the police get involved, but don’t have any more success, with the patrol car sliding down the hill into the back of the second bus. Finally, a snow-clearing vehicle loses its traction and ends up in the back of the police cruiser.

Officials say no one was injured in the incident, which is why many have found the video rather entertaining.

To watch the video click above. To read the whole story from the CBC, click here.



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