Golden Apple: Bonnie Pierce

Golden Apple winner Bonnie Pierce

(Augusta, GA)

When you ask Bonnie Pierce why she’s stayed in teaching for 43 years, she doesn’t have to think long about her answer.

“Oh it’s so simple,” she says. “It’s the children. They’re wonderful. They’re entertaining. They’re fun. You never know what they’re going to say next. Every day is new. Every year is new with new students.”

That’s 43 years of new adventures, and searching for new ways to always keep her 5th graders focuses.

“One thing is, if I see them getting bored,  I’ll go off and start telling a story–anything to keep them interested.  I will jump around the room, I do high-fives. Anything I can do that makes them pay attention and want to learn.”

She’s even come up with OMG–a way for kids to remember math long after they leave here.

“OMG is the Outstanding Math Guide. So, as we learn new skills, we put them in a folder called The Transformer.  It opens out, and they can look back if they forget things, because there’s so many skills involved in Math. They can look back, and know what they’re doing.”

From here it’s on to Middle School, and Ms. Pierce knows she has to make sure her students can handle it.

“Getting them prepared-maybe not babying them so much, but keeping them prepared for the next step that they’re going into. Using examples, and talking to them and telling them what they’ll find next year.  But the big thing is praying for them, and making sure they know God is going with them.”

Congratulations Bonnie Pierce, an awesome teacher-and a key part of the Foundations for Life at Episcopal Day School.

“It’s a blessing,” Pierce says. “Every day is a blessing with them. They are so precious and so special to me.”

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