Questions persist about commissioner’s operation of city recreation center

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) At Jamestown Community Center he’s the boss and Sammie Sias says based on the cards he gets a good one.

:These are thank you I just picked up as I walked out today these are folks thanking us for what we do as far as this agenda item it’s not important to me,” said the Fourth District Commissioner.

Sias connection to the Jamestown Community Center goes back more than 15 years.

When the SandRidge Community Association entered into this agreement with the city to operate it.

Back in 2000 Sias signed the agreement as president of the association.

“What we’re doing out at Jamestown for the benefit of this community will continue,” said Sias.

Sias continues to run the center, but now that’s raising questions from other city leaders

“By being a commissioner sets him apart sets him different from everything else it’s one thing being an activist but once you become elected you have to turn that over to somebody else you have to let somebody else run that show you can’t run it like it’s yours,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

“You don’t think it’s a conflict and a non-issue as far as you’re concerned.

“For me it’s a non-issue,” says Sias.

But Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle says Sias needs to consider the perception of having a commissioner, setting Recreation Department policy running a Recreation Department Center.

“If I knew it’s was a sticking point to my colleagues and I see it as unfair I would do what I felt was necessary back away from it keep the controversy down and do my job as commissioner,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

So what would it take for Sias to give up his job at the center?

A commission vote he says

“Six votes rule, he said.

You would follow that vote,

” Six votes rule, said Sias.

Now according to Recreation officials the agreement has the Sand Ridge neighborhood association in charge of operating programs at Jamestown but the city of Augusta picks up the tab for the costs like power and water, Commissioners talked about the agreement on Tuesday but there were no six votes to take any action.

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