SC serial murder attorneys ask for state to pick up legal fees

Todd Kohlhepp
Todd Kohlhepp

(WSPA) – Todd Kohlhepp’s attorneys with the Capital Trial Division Commission on Indigent Defense team have filed a motion to ask the state to pay for Kohlhepp’s legal fees.

The motion, filed on December 5th, states that the capital team filed to assist Kohlhepp with his case surrounding the 7 murder charges and 2 kidnapping charges on December 7th.

The team asked that Kohlhepp be considered for indigent defense, even though he does not qualify, because of the large fees that would be associated with his case.

They polled several private attorneys across the state on the fees that would be associated with a trial like this, those ranged from $300,000 to $2.5 Million.

They want the hearing to determine, Mr. Kohlhepp’s financial status, his ability to hire adequate counsel, and whether to appoint qualified and experienced counsel to this case.

If the state will not pay for the legal fees, they’re asking for some of his assets to be set aside in order to pay for his attorney fees.

Kala Brown’s attorney team has filed a motion for a hearing to freeze Kohlhepp’s assets until the civil trials are completed. That hearing is set to take place January 6, 2017.

To read the motion, click here: indigent-defense-doc

To read the power of attorney document, click here: power-of-attorney

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