Albuquerque woman leaves decoy package for porch pirates

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman has decided to fight back against crooks taking packages off doorsteps.

“I’ve noticed a lot of packages being stolen,” said Nikki Barker.

Barker said this holiday season, she won’t let thieves continue to win in her Fair West neighborhood.

“This morning while I was working out, I thought why not just plant a box, you know, they may not appreciate and maybe we’ll deter theft in our neighborhood,” said Barker.

So with the help of her three cats, Barker decided to leave her own package on her front porch filled with something unexpected inside.

“A plastic bag that is filled with the cat litter excrement and such,” said Barker.

Also inside, a note telling them to enjoy the savory snacks. She signed the note with a “Happy Holidays.”

“I’m just tired,” said Barker. “I’m just tired of these people coming into our neighborhoods.”

But Barker said the package is much more than just Christmas karma.

She said it’s to get crooks to think twice about stepping foot in her neighborhood.

“I hope they get the message and stay away,” said Barker.

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