Community foundation for the csra awards 48 nonprofits with special grant

Augusta, GA. (WJBF)-

The community foundation celebrated its 21st year of giving back to non-profit organizations that do outstanding work to help those less fortunate here in the CSRA. Today 48 of those non-profits received grants totaling more than six-hundred thousand dollars. The non-profits were selected through a written application process based on the need and the services they offer to the community. Among the winners was first time recipient restart Augusta an organization that provides new or gently used bedding for children and families. Restart Director Daryl Morse says he plans to apply for the grant again next year.

“We provide beds to those that have none, so we take the money and we invest it in that process. We’re 100% volunteer driven so with the exception of a few overhead expenses like a little bit of rent and electricity, all the money that comes in the front door in terms of a grant goes through the back door in a delivery. “Morse said.

The grants were funded primarily by the Masters tournament. Each non-profit was eligible for $15,000.

During the ceremony each organizations director offered a word of thanks to the foundation and shared how they intend to use the funds to impact those they serve. Some of the non-profits included Icebox ministries and Family Promise of Augusta.


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