Hilda’s buried treasures, the gophers.

"Out There...Somewhere"

Hilda,Sc (WJBF) Restoring the town water tower was a huge job in Hilda, But the work crew couldn’t help but wonder about that fenced in area next door.

“When we first got here we thought it was a dog kennel if you took your dog for a walk you could let him go in there you know,” said Chuck Leary, the head of the construction company from Greenfield Indiana.

But it’s not a dog kennel it’s for some different animals that were donated to tiny Hilda ten years ago along with the pen.

“I said yeah that’s fine I don’t know what we’re going to do with gophers so he donated two big gophers we’ve put them in this pen,” said Hilda Mayor John McClary.

But these are not fury gophers, but gopher tortoises, and a several of this endangered species call Hilda’s gopher tortoise pen home.

How many towns can boast a gopher tortoise pen?

“As far as I know I don’t know of anybody else around this part of the country, said Mayor McClary.

Mayor McClary is their caretaker and photographer; he has a lot of fun keeping up with them

“What I enjoy is the school kids coming up and actually getting to look at our turtles you know,” said the Mayor.

“We’ve seen the pictures but what about seeing them in person the mayor says they really like their tunnels when the temperature topples.

“No they don’t cold weather neither do I,” said the Mayor.

You come all the way to Hilda you really want to see the gopher tortoises inside this pen now this is the season of miracles that should help us right.

“I don’t think so George I think you’re out of luck today,” said the Mayor.

But these tortoises  have the luck of being Hilda’s  hidden  treasure and when the weather warms that’s when we’ll “go for it to” see the gophers out there somewhere  in Hilda South Carolina George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

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