A local group is lifting spirits through music this holiday season

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – A local group is lifting spirits through music this holiday season.

All walks of life attended this concert over the weekend, the 9-time director says if it keeps growing like it has this year, she hopes that their will be many to come. The Augusta Chorale started in 1983, the founders wanted the develop a group that sing spirituals, classics, hymns, and anthems.

“It was just spectacular, everything about it was great,” Joseph Wesley, Son of Director said.

The idea of the chorale was celebrating the joy of singing while also sending a message.The choral also wanted to take take every opportunity to launch the idea of the concert in the Augusta area.

“We are all faced with so many challenges of life, and having music to be apart of it just makes life much better,” Dr. Phyllis Anderson, Director of Augusta Choral said.

“It made me feel very joyful, you can understand as a director of this group I have to …and when it comes out beautifully it’s a joyful experience”

Past participants now audience members said seeing it from the crowd gave to you a different feeling about the entire concert.

“Sitting in the audience you can see and hear the different ‘gasps’ of the people from when they are saying ‘oh wow that’s amazing’ or ‘that was beautiful’ you really get to hear and feel the audience and how they react to the different songs,” Joseph Wesley, Son of Director said.

“That’s one thing the chorale wants to do, to be in touch with our relevancy to make sure we’re relevant in our society,” Dr. Anderson added.

As part of the concert the group includes music from a singer that has passed, as a way to honor and remember them. This year it was Whitney Houston, the Director said next year they are expanding their performances and doing two.. Instead of one.


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