Traffic concerns on Whiskey Road growing as more businesses move into area

Aiken is bracing for the inevitable growth that's coming its way, but city leaders can't ignore hat Whiskey Road improvements are long overdue.

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – New businesses are popping up on every corner of Whiskey Road, but road improvements aren’t happening anytime soon.

Now some people are worried that new developments are going to add to the traffic congestion.

Aiken is bracing for the inevitable growth that’s coming its way, but city leaders can’t ignore that Whiskey Road improvements are long overdue.

“It’s rather hectic, its back to back bumpers,” Aiken resident Renata Melendez told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

More traffic could be coming to Whiskey Road if city leaders approve the annexation of property on the 1200 block.

After sitting empty for some time, the vacant building is getting a much-needed face-lift.

While residents aren’t opposed to rehabilitating the eye-sore that currently sits there, some are hoping to see more being done to alleviate the current traffic problems.

“What are somethings you would like to see improved on this road?” Asked WJBF NewsChannel 6’s Stefany Bornman.

“Better lights, the signals are probably not as quick,” said Melendez.

“Well it would be nice if they could get the light situation figured out, because it seems that every time one light turns red and then green, and the next light turns red and then green. They’re not very synchronized.”  Lisa Morales, a resident of Aiken, said.

Still some people say the location of the future commercial business won’t have much of an impact on traffic.

“Right now its fine, yeah,” said Aiken resident Linda Kassel.

City Planning Director Ryan Bland says what’s interesting about this property is that right now it’s part of the county.

Since the new owner is requesting to be annexed into the city it will have to be rezoned.

However, before that can happen a city policy requires that any Whiskey Road developer must submit a concept plan for review.

“Due to the high level of traffic and high number of people who interact that route currently,” said Bland. “We want to be able to provide the safest and most efficient way of interacting with those properties both through vehicles and to pedestrian traffic.”

City leaders are still waiting for the results of the comprehensive Whiskey Road study to determine what needs to be improved.

They will be hearing the first reading to approve this annexation on Monday.

The second and final reading will be in January 2017..

Count on WJBF NewsChannel 6 to bring you the latest on this developing story. 

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