Blythe road sign does its job

"Out There...Somewhere"

BLYTHE,Ga (WJBF) There’s litter in Augusta, even right below the sign saying you can be fined for throwing it on the highway.

And traffic flies on the highways even though there’s a speed limit signs.

Pretty clear what this sign says, but some drivers read that as slow a little and keep rolling.

So our signs are not always obeyed.

“Right yeah they violate those I can understand where you’re coming from,” said George Neely.

Where I’m coming from the town of Blythe, where right on Church Street there’s 0this roadway sign.

t says no horseback or motorcycle riding on the sidewalk.

So here I am on the sidewalk in Blythe, confident I won’t have to dodge a motorcycle of a horseback rider why the sign says no.

This signs been here for years, but tell me how many times have you seen the Blythe sidewalks over run with horses or Harleys?

“No I haven’t seen a horse in Blythe,” said Tim Clary.

On the sidewalk?

No sir,” he answered.

“No   haven’t seen a horse around in Blythe lately,” said J.D. Neely.

No motorcycles on the sidewalk?

Nope,” he confirmed.

“No never see it either but what’s funny about it they got a sign for it,” said Katie Neely.

But despite other signs you still see litter,   the lead foots, and the California rollers

But you’re going to be hard pressed to find a horse or motorcycle taking over the sidewalks in Blythe.

“You never see it,” said Jessie Smith.

“Right people follow that sign.”

“That’s right this is Blythe,” she said.

Where the sidewalks are a horse and motorcycle free zone, and a sign that makes sure they stay that way.

Out there somewhere in Blythe George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

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