Columbia County Deputies rescue residents from fire


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Two Columbia County Deputies braved a vast amount of flames to rescue a number of townhome residents over the weekend.

It happened just before midnight on Saturday when Deputies Veihman and Bish noticed a large amount of smoke coming from behind the 3600 block of Cullen Drive, behind Applecross Apartments.

When they arrived, they found the building in flames.

Veihman and Bish began to evacuate residents immediately.

The two deputies banged on the door of 3610 Cullen Drive but received no answer.

When they looked inside, they saw the home full of flames.

They then entered the home to look for anyone that may be trapped inside.

The walls and ceiling were engulfed in flames and smoke.

In the bedroom, they found 34-year-old Tiffany Brown, asleep.

Veihman and Bish were able to pull Ms. Brown from the home just as the ceiling collapsed.

Columbia County Fire and Rescue told the deputies that if they hadn’t entered the home when they did, Tiffany Brown wouldn’t have made it out alive.

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