Lights of the South operating under management

Lights of the South is now being managed by the owner of Plantation Blood.
Lights of the South is now being managed by the owner of Plantation Blood.

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF)- Lights of the South has been delighting kids and adults in the CSRA for years, but the company that owns it, Cedar Rock Holdings, has been having a bumpy 2016.

Cedar Rock Holdings was supposed to open a water park in North Augusta earlier this year, but that never happened. Its creditors have said they are owed nearly half a million dollars.

It seems Lights of the South was put on the back burner.

“This endeavor really came together about six weeks before the opening day,” said Lights of the South’s new manager, Mark Jackson.

It was early October before they tapped Jackson, who owns another popular local attraction, Plantation Blood, to take the reins of Lights of the South.

“It was a round the clock endeavor to get it to where it is now,” he said. “The property had not been touched since last year closing down.”

Jackson and his crews were still able to get it up in time, and even make some improvements.

“There are some things that are new,” he said. “There are some new displays that we’ve added out here this year. We’ve also put a movie-screen sized TV in.”

And people have still been flocking in. Jackson says thousands of people came out Saturday night.

But he says next year, he plans on having crews working on it months in advance to make it even bigger and better.

“We’ve got a lot in the works for 2017 because we’ll have a lot more time,” he said.

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