Abandoned dogs found behind Augusta store, rescue appeals to public for help

Severely sick dogs found abandoned in woods behind Augusta business.

Multiple dogs stashed behind an Augusta business are sick and nearly dying.

Now, a local dog rescue group needs help saving their lives.

Dog Networking Agents, Inc. found a severely sick dog inside a trap they put in the woods behind the IGA on Deans Bridge Road in South Augusta. The group has saved 14 newborn puppies and a mother.  The dogs have mange, some are missing eyes and they were all cold and sick. DNA co-founder Hayley Zielinski said they need help getting more dogs to safety.  She said she is concerned with having the animals in a public area.

“It’s a very built up area.  There is a playground area right here.  We’ve been told by people who live in the area there are foxes out here. We are worried about disease control and things like rabies. We don’t know if any of these dogs are carrying rabies.  These dogs are fighting amongst each other.”

DNA needs help, especially from other rescue groups and people with hunting experience to help save the dogs.  The group contacted Animal Services and they are going to help.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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