Former commissioner’s censure declared null and void

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta Commissioners give out going member Bill Lockett a going away present.

Lockett who was attending his last meeting, before being termed limited,  asked  that the 2007 censure of former commissioner Calvin Holland be ruled null and void.

Holland was censured by the commission after ordering a city employee to make a copy of then city administrator Fred Russell’s hard drive.

Holland was looking for evidence that Russell was doing private business on company time, but Lockett said Holland didn’t violate city policy.

” The last thing I’m doing is trying to get my colleagues to agree after reading the minutes that should have never happened in the first place and we should remove it from his record,” said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

The vote was six to three to lift the censure,
Holland said he thanked commissioner Lockett for making the request saying the censure never  should never have happened in the beginning.


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