“Out There…Somewhere”: Rooting for Augusta Turkey Oak to win state

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – At Child Care Network, there’s a tree that’s outstanding.

“I guess,” said Chazmine Mitchell.

“I thought you were here to see the tree?”

“No I was here looking at day care,” she said.

Well you can also look at the tree, a world class Turkey Oak.

“It’s a wonderful tree because it’s by far the largest Turkey Oak I’ve ever seen,” said Roy Simkins the Chairman of the Augusta Tree Commission.

“We do a quick measurement.”

The tree has caught the attention of the Georgia Champion Tree program and officials came by to size it up, they measure how wide, and how tall.to find out if it’s the largest one in the state.

“This is a serious matter people take pride in their trees especially there big trees we want to make sure it’s right,” said Mark McClellan, the Coordinator of the Georgia Champion Tree Program.

After all the measuring Augusta’s tree came in one point higher than the reigning state champion and national champion.

“I think we have a champion here,” said McClellan.

But in the world of champion trees it isn’t really over until the fat lady sings the existing current champion Turkey Oak does get a chance to defend its crown.

The current national champ is down southeast Georgia, it was measured ten years ago, and will again undergo the tail of the tape but Augusta’s tree is in better shape, so we like its chances.

“The national champion was good in condition so this is in excellent condition so we’ll see,” said Cathy Black of the Georgia Forestry Commission.

“Are you rooting for Augusta’s tree?”

“Yes go Augusta yes,” said Mitchell.

And for this Turkey that’s no jive, out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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