Augusta sees some wintry mix, but no snow

Many people in the CSRA woke up Saturday morning anticipating snow, but it didn't quite pan out.
Many people in the CSRA woke up Saturday morning anticipating snow, but it didn't quite pan out.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)-  Many people in the CSRA woke up Saturday morning anticipating snow, but it didn’t quite pan out.

Snow blanketed north Georgia and upstate South Carolina, but it stopped short of the CSRA. Some in Augusta still played it safe as winter weather approached.

“We wasn’t supposed to be here in town this weekend, but the weather, predicted weather, just kind of changed our plans,” said Donald Lamb.

The Garden City did experience low temperatures as well as a wintery mix. For some, that seemed like a hint to more intense weather to come.

“Well it’s feeling really cold this morning so far,” said Alicia Manigault. “I mean I think it’s going to snow. It’s looking like snow skies…[I’m] just trying to gather a few more supplies.”

However, even the few snow flakes disappeared and the sun emerged in parts of the CSRA. While some were upset with not seeing snow, others say it’s no big deal.

“I’m good. It seems to be pretty good,” Lamb said. “I’m thinking that we may go somewhere now.”

The weather especially seemed like a non-issue to those who are used to more northern latitudes.

“I’m fine with it,” said Cindy Wilkinson. “I’m from Pittsburg, PN and North Carolina, so this is nothing.”

Although the precipitation was light, be aware that there’s a chance the water left on the roadways will freeze as temperatures drop.

“I’ll definitely be worried about it then,” said Manigault. “Definitely.”

But again, those used to colder climates aren’t as worried.

“We’re not really nervous about the roads,” Wilkinson said. “We did bring our plants in and cover them up. And we got extra firewood.”

Aside from minor adjustments to accommodate for the weather, most Augustans are just going about their daily business despite the cold.

If you are driving this weekend, make sure to be extra careful when crossing bridges. Bridges ice over before roads because they have less insulation.

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