Georgia power prepared for power outages ahead of winter weather here in the CSRA

Augusta, GA (WJBF)- Emergency management officials aren’t the only ones preparing for winter storm Helena, so are power companies.

Georgia Power crews in Augusta are taking every precaution from monitoring weather to meeting with crews across the state so that trucks and supplies are on standby in case of severe weather. Craig Bell a Georgia Power spokesman says being on standby is to help them respond in a timely manner.

“Us being on standby is really just us leaning forward to ensure that if in fact we do get freezing rain or snow that our crews can respond fast if we have power outages.  We’re constantly watching the weather, and we’re looking at the forecast to see where its going to go. When we have to start mobilizing and sending people out, we will know exactly where to send them to and they can get there quickly to get their lights back on as fast as possible.” Bell said.

A great tool for residents to use during a storm to track outages is the companies mobile app where you can view outage maps and track outages in your area as well as report them to GA power to receive assistance. The link to download that app is at


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