Fourth suspect in Save-a-Lot armed robbery found hiding inside store overnight

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. – A fourth suspect is now wanted in connection to an armed robbery that took place at the Save-a-Lot on Peach Orchard Road in south Augusta, Tuesday night.

Employees say they spotted him at the scene of the crime, Wednesday morning.

“I couldn’t believe it…it was shock…real shock,” said Customer Debra Pinkston.

Save-a-Lot customers are reacting to what took place at their favorite grocery store.

Wednesday morning, employees were forced to leave their work for a second time after one of the suspects was caught hiding inside the store overnight.

“Some of the employees showed up this morning, they unlocked the door,  we were escorting them inside, the suspect took off on foot. So we were able to confirm that there is a fourth suspect,” said Richmond County Sgt. Shane McDaniel.

A brazen but not uncommon move, McDaniel says, for a suspect to stay at the scene of the crime for so many hours.

“He knew we were outside. He knew we had surrounded the store. We weren’t going to leave. We’re not going to leave any establishment if there’s some type of uncertainty if it’s been cleared or not,” said McDaniel.

After the suspect was able to escape, the Save-a-Lot was once again an active crime scene as investigators searched inside and outside the area, leaving no stone unturned.

Investigators searched in manholes, checked inside dumpsters, even bringing a dog  to sniff out evidence.

The scene was cleared and customers were allowed back inside with many saying this crime isn’t going to keep them away from their weekly routine.

“People in this side of town are the salt of the earth…good religious folks, most of them christian. There’s no reason for me not to feel safe,” said Customer David White.

” I mean you can’t be scared of your community. You know, you have to embrace it,” said Customer Jessica Wells.

One of the suspects was arrested Tuesday night.

Three are still wanted for this crime.

Two of them have been identified as Arthur Murray and Benedict Bennett.

We are still waiting for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office to identify the third suspect.

If you know where they are, call the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 821-1080.

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