Golden Apple: Cara Leverette

Golden Apple Winner Cara Leverette

(Aiken, SC)

Cara Leverette is getting back to her roots this year.

“I started out in early childhood,” Leverette says. “My masters degree is in early childhood. Taught middle. There was a need, and loved those students. When this came open, my heart was tugged. I couldn’t let it go.”

Today her second graders at South Aiken Baptist Christian School are mastering their math skills.

“We’re talking about temperature, reading a thermometer. And numbers-all the way up to the thousandths place. We’re putting numbers in order and telling time. We’ve got a lot of different things they’re working on. They are a smart group.”

Mrs. Leverette does whatever it takes to keep them smart including coming in early and staying late.

“I love it. I love what I do. I feel like this is my purpose. This is what I was created to do.  And I can’t do less than that. I just can’t.”

And while these children are getting the skills for success, what kind of rewards does Mrs. Leverette get?

“Oh my goodness. They’re innumerable. I get hugs every day. Lots of hugs. Sweet notes. Sweet letters.  My favorite thing though is seeing them understand a concept, and their eyes twinkle, they light up.  You might even hear a  ‘oh’, because they’ve got it.”

And she says she couldn’t help them get it without her family giving its support at home.

“My husband, he’s my best friend,” she says. “He’s my other half.  I could not do what I do without his support. I’ve got two boys at home. He takes care of them, helps with dinner, helps with the laundry. All of the things so that I can be my best in the classroom.”

Congratulations Cara Leverette.

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