Commissioners pay could have others getting checks too

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Marion Williams is not claiming victory but he going to get paid for the three planning commission meeting he attended in 2015 as the ex-officio member.

“I looked at is as doing the right thing George, it’s about the right thing I say all the time do what’s right,” said Williams.

A majority of Commissioners feel Williams was right, and approved paying him 450 dollars for the planning commission meetings he attended.

“There’s no official action that had ever been taken to discontinue the pay that was always a sticking point,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

Last week not only did approved paying Williams for the planning meetings they also voted to continuing paying the Planning Commission ex-officio member, and re-appointed Williams back to the position.

“That’s nothing new that’s nothing they changed to benefit me or any other commissioner  that’s the way the process was some person in the back room decided to change that and it didn’t work,” said Williams.

After the payments stopped  in 2011 Matt Aitken, was appointed the ex-officio member to Planning, later Alvin Mason so the question is will they also be paid for the meetings they went to since the commission never voted to end the practice.

“If they inquire we just don’t go out and solicit them but if they come and speak to the Administrator on this issue I’m sure we’ll find a way to resolve it they should be paid to they’ll be compensated,” said Hasan.

Now Williams did not take part in any vote on getting paid for planning meetings but what about the former commissioners who served there after the payments ended in 20-11.

Matt Aitken and Alvin Mason were the two ex-officio members.

We looked into their attendance records and found that Aitken made five meetings, mason four, so a total of nine meetings.

And under the Marion Williams rule they could make the case to collect 1350 dollars.

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