Cyber Center could increase value of Augusta fire station

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It’s now an empty lot between Telfair and Walker Streets, but in the coming months itwill be the site for a new downtown fire station.

“It will be a new bigger station downtown it will be the new engine two we will have engine two and truck one located in that new station,” said Fire Chief Chris James.

And when the new station takes shape on Telfair, the Station 3, a couple of blocks away on Reynolds Street, will no longer be needed.

“You have Station 1, one mile down the street to the east you have Station 4, one mile from the west the north is blocked off by the river,” said James.

Station 3 may soon no longer be valuable as a fire house but it’s location right next to the planned cyber training facility could make it a valuable piece of land in the future, though no requests yet from the state for it.

“We’re hoping that if it is they don’t need that piece of property we’ll be able to put it on the open market and have some interested buyers who want to develop that as well that is prime property on the riverfront,” said City Administrator Janice Jackson.

Four years ago the city put station three up for auction  but rejected a 250 thousand dollar bid,  but  with the cyber center coming the next offers should be better.

“I would personally presume that with the growth downtown the property maybe worth more now than it was several years ago,” said Chief James.

Chief James says once the new stations are ready  number three will be re-assigned to the new fire station going in the Dyess parkway area near Fort Gordon gate one.

We wanted to know if station three is sold, would the proceeds go in  the  Fire Department’s   budget, or the city General Fund, the Chief says that will be up to the commission to decide.

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