City to paint over problems at Riverwalk

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) The problem is there in green and white.

The white splotches on the railings at Riverwalk

With mayor surprising commissioners by putting on the agenda hiring a   professional crew to get them painted.

“It was put on the agenda and I have no details I want to hear where the money’s coming from and do we have the money to do it,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

There’s more than a mile of fencing at the Riverwalk that needs to be sand blasted and painted something recreation officials say would be better in the hands of a professional company.

“We would have to pull somebody off an existing project off another crew to come in and do that so hopefully we can get the funds approved to contract this out,” Said Recreation and Parks Director Glenn Parker.

How much would that cost?”

“We have a couple of estimates one was 89 thousand the other was 180 thousand dollars,” said Parker.

Commissioners did not expect to be spending that much green to get the railings painted.

“There’s going to be some negotiations on exactly what’s spent and exactly where the money is coming from because we don’t have anything allocated in the budget as far as I know,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

We have enough inmates that we can give them a bucket of paint and a brush and start painting on one end and keep going around,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

But others see Riverwalk as worth the investment.

“We have a lot of activity going on downtown I would rather use it for something for the taxpayers to enjoy then something the taxpayers don’t,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

City leaders did take a major step to fix up Riverwalk agreeing to go out for proposals from private companies to paint the railings and lamp posts.

With the bid having to come back to the commission for final approval.

The Central Services Department said there is money available in the 7th phase of the special purpose sales tax that could be used to cover the cost.

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