Golden Apple: Ginny Busbee

Golden Apple winner Ginny Busbee

(Graniteville, SC)

Ginny Busbee has found the perfect balance between babies and big boys and girls.

“The 3rd graders are somewhat independent,” she says. “You can get them started on some things by themselves. But they are also dependent a little bit, so you still get to do a lot of arts and crafts type things, and a lot of neat activities with them.”

These students develop a lot of confidence and self-esteem during their time here.

“By the time they leave their class, hopefully they understand it’s fine to make mistakes sometimes, but just to jump in there and try to answer the questions and try the activity. If we mess up, we mess up together and learn from there and keep going.”

I knew that Mrs. Busbee had taught for a while and I know you’re never supposed to talk about someone’s age, but I wanted to know if she’s gotten to teach the children of her some of her former students.

“I’m past that. I’m all the way down to the grandchildren.  I’ve been teaching for 38 years.

That’s several generations of kids, influenced by Mrs. Busbee.

“I love kids. I enjoy teaching. I enjoy seeing their faces light up. I said, I am going to keep teaching until it’s not fun anymore. But my husband had other plans and he wants to travel so we’re going to go for it.”

But Byrd Elementary will always go with her. After nearly 4 decades, this place and Ginny Busbee will be linked forever.

“I love this school,” Busbee says. “The people here are awesome and it’s a big family.  And that’s wonderful.”

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