President Trump joins at least one exclusive club

"Out There...Somewhere"

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)   He was marching on the golf course not watching the parade in Washington but Bennie Harbin was still in the swing of the inauguration.

“I’m excited I voted for Trump I’m taping it so I can watch it later,” said Harbin.

You’re not missing it because of golf.”

But a golf course is a fitting place on this Trump Inauguration Day.

Because Trump knows golf.

John Patrick of the Augusta golf show says one of Trumps business is developing great golf courses.

“Oh yeah oh yeah, Trump  International Golf Courses Trump Turnberry overseas which has held a few British Opens he’s got Doral Trump he’s world class as far as what he’s done in the game of golf.

And Augusta knows a little something about world class in the game of golf.

“You probably got to think he’s a member,” said Harbin.

“No he’s not a member never been a member don’t see him being a member,” said Patrick.

But President Trump has major accomplishments.

Billionaire New York real estate  developer.

Vanquished 16 challengers to become the   Republican nominee.

Stuns pundits and the polls and defeats his Democratic rival.

And now he’s leader of the free world, that’s all great but it seems at least around here there’s one rung left on the old career ladder

“Exactly to be a member of Augusta National,” said Harbin.

“Better than President of the United States,”

“That’s pretty close to it,” said Harbin.

So help me God:, said President Trump.

Out There somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.



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